Thursday, January 30, 2014

Sweet Journey

Hello ALL :D 

My name is Seaniah pronounced Ce-ah-neh. Seaniah means Sweet Journey in my dialect Kpelle. If you can't pronounce Seaniah you can call me Shennah.  ( No worries if you have trouble pronouncing my name, I understand) 

I was born and raised in the United States but both of my parents come from the country Liberia located in West Africa, along the coastal lines. love my Liberian culture and if I weren't Liberian I don't know what I would want to be (lol). 

I am currently majoring in Community Health and Wellness with a concentration in Public Heath and Women's Health. 
Currently the song I have on repeat is The Man By Aloe Blacc. 

Over winter break I worked at a developmental center and made a list of goals to accomplish for the new year. 

Teenagers in/ and the Media is a required course for my major but I have a feeling it will be a great one. 

When I am not in class I am relaxing, playing candy crush, or spending time with my nephew :)