Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Queer Representation in the Media

I've never thought about how much progress Queer Representation in the Media has made over the years. 

Ellen Degeneres is someone who comes to mind with this topic. She had made much progress in the media and is she a lesbian. Ellen started doing standup in New Orleans before moving to hollywood in 1986. From there her career and life in the media started. In 1997 after all of the rumors Ellen announced on Oprah that she was a lesbian. After her "outing" she got lots of backlash and lots of criticism but she never let that hold her back. Ellen has came a long way on Television and in the media. She is a cover girl, she has her own show, she has hosted awards shows and she has helped numerous amounts of people!

When Ellen came out the Media changed forever! 

Kudos to Ellen Degeneres 


How many feel that Ellen Degeneres is a representation at a cost? explain... 

what was your reaction the first time you saw a same sex couple commercial or anywhere in the media? 

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