Tuesday, February 25, 2014

A Cycle of Outrage; Gilbert

A Cycle of Outrage
By: James Gilbert


This reading was an interesting one like the last. I understand why we were assigned this reading because there was lots of history involved about teenagers. There were three quotes that stood out to me...

In a special issue devoted to explaining teenage behavior Cosmopolitan said, "We've stopped trying to teach them how to live. Instead, we're asking them how they think we should live."

This quote is very true. Teenagers are the ones that are usually always up to date. Parents do not know how it is growing up as teenagers now a day because everything has changed. So teaching teenagers how to live in THEIR world is useless Teenagers will always understand the roles of their parents but there are certain things they know parents will not understand about them. A simple question will hold the relationship between a parent and teenager together. Communication does wonders.

"But music could not be isolated, as both parents and teenagers recognized, from the seamless web of culture, centered on high schools, souped-up cars, teen magazines, and a social order of gangs, new dating customs, drive-in theaters, hair cuts, and clothes marked "inaccessible" to unsympathetic adults."

I like how they ended this sentence by saying “unsympathetic adults” because it shows how parents can be heartless when they think they are right about a certain situation or when they want to stop a teen from doing something. The media has always been apart of teenager’s lives and as we can tell parents weren’t always a fan of this. This goes to show us the media will ALWAYS effect teens or our lives one way or another. I doubt the music and social outings compare to the ones teens are exposed to today. Have you seen how “twerking” became popular once Miley Cyrus started doing it?? 

"On top of curiosity and worry came the increasing recognition that teenagers had a major impact on the shaping of American popular culture."

Teenagers will always impact the shaping of the American Culture, plain and simple. I just turned twenty- two and I am wayyy behind with what’s going on today. Do I like it? Not one bit! And I honestly find myself asking teenagers what’s the latest 411?? lol. I am quite ashamed that I have to do that but how else will I stay in the loop. So I can see why this may bother older folks. Teens will always have the power parent’s lack and this is a scary thing to them.


The question I have for class is….
….are afraid of the power that teenagers can have?

-After reading this assignment I know that teenagers will always have the power to do many things especially right now with the amount of social networking there is. Things can go viral in minutes. We can ether fear teenagers and social networks or love them. Where do you stand?


  1. I feel the same way with the fact of being being on the latest "411', and I'm 20 haha. Teens do have a significant impact on the shaping of American Culture. It is scary that teenagers have so much power...and it will be scary having my own kids one day, when I think of all the pressures out in society already.

  2. i completely agree about how the media is always going to effect teens (and everyone else) in some way or another. theres really no escaping it, it's everywhere you go and you can't ignore every magazine, movie, or billboard you run into!